More and more clients are looking for furniture that is unique, bespoke and personal. Crucially though, I find that they want to be involved in the creative process, to help with the decision making so that they end up with the perfect piece: something that truly reflects their style. So at PGV, we have devised a collaborative process whereby this can happen.


If a client has a much loved chair then we will strip it (if necessary) and recover. Alternatively we can source a piece, discussing style and dimensions – aiming to get as near as possible to the specification.


Most clients look at my website as a starting point, but I am, of course, open to any new suggestions. Normally we meet at this point and chat at length. After looking at the different methods I use such as embroidery or digital printing, the things that give the chair its individuality, we then go onto discuss colours and patterns.


Having discussed the colours of the room the chair will go in, asked about artwork on the wall or the colours of cushions and rugs, personal motifs etc I will do a fabric search and bring back 10-15 samples. These can be a textured or plain; something with a small all over pattern or a statement fabric. Often a bespoke chair will have a combination of fabrics, clashing or blending – according to the spirit of the furniture. The final design of the chair will be decided once the fabric is chosen


Now the making can start, this will normally take around 2 weeks, photos can be sent at each phase if the client wishes. The client will consulted at every step of the way to ensure the finished piece is truly unique and reflects their style and taste. By using this Polly Granville service you will be creating your very own heirloom.

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